Rowing/Sailing back to Marina Calm Water Lake Tahoe, Sailing into Wind - SAIL ROW CAMP CANOE vLog14

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Anne decides to canoe 9 miles upstream on a river to a waterfall and then canoe back. The total trip is 5 hour? says: Anne knows she can canoe at an average speed of ...

What Is the Average Speed of a Canoe? -

You can calculate the average speed of canoe by dividing the total distance travelled and by the total amount of time taken to travel the distance. The formula

What is the average speed of a canoe

Depends on weather and if you are on a lake or river, but 2 miles an hour is pretty easy going, and experienced paddlers can average 5 miles an hour.

Canoe Speed by Cristhian

Answers Feb 8, 2008 Lets jsut say this is feasible and you don't get killed, at an average canoe speed of 5mph it would take you 21 hours straight to canoe.